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90s Scrunchies

If the first thing that comes in mind when you hear the word ‘scrunchie’ is Wynona Rider, Heathers movie or the Sex & the City episode where Carrie Bradshaw tells off Burger about how absolutely noone in NY would ever wear a scrunchie, you’re right. But you have to check calendar again as it appears that at the moment, we are back in the 90s.


‘Scrunchiemania’ (dips on the term, Merriam-Webster Dictionary) is everywhere. We now see ponytails hold up together by scrunchies, and wrists - yes, wrists - decorated with them from Selena Gomez to Bella Hadid, NY Fashion Week to highstreet shops like Topshop. Although red scrunchies have increased by 100% over the last 3 months as researches show, it goes without saying, they’re not only in red. One can also found them in neon, metallic, solid-coloured, pastel, fake leather, multi-coloured, leopard, fluffy, satin, you name it.


So, how do you style a scrunchie?

Whether you’ve bought some or you made them on your own - handmade scrunchies is a thing - there are no rules here but one: try to match the outfit. If your customer is wearing a stripped blouse, pick a stripy one, if she’s rocking a checked shirt, get a checked one and so on. The hairstyles you can use them for are endless. Just replace the regular hair tie with a scrunchie in a loop around a messy top ban, a sophisticated ponytail, a loose ponytail or at the very end of a beautiful braid. Just do your usual magic while blending it into the overall look.


This back-to-school trend will definitely add a flair of young innocence on everyday outfits and there’s only one thing to say to this: give me a sign, hit me baby one more time.