Rose Brown Hair

Love at first strand!

We are sure you did not see that coming. To be honest, we did not either. The rose brown hair is the trend that took the whole hair community aback with a sneaky social invasion. Following the steps of the rose gold shade, this look is here to rock your world. Mags like Cosmo have already given it the pastel color throne. So, what is the deal with you rose brown?

Let’s be clear right off the bat, brunettes have been unleashing inner screams of utter joy as the new shade is super friendly for them. Chances are you will get more than inner screams though, if you give her this stunning shade. BE PREPARED! The shade comes in many variations so if your client is a bit hesitant, start with a low key rose brown and make your way up to a fully bloomed one. An Instagram sneak-peek proves that, as you can feast your eyes over a range from subtle radish stands to bright purple curls.  All it took was a shout out from Elle and Allure, this March, and BOOM! Rose brown is officially the new thing.  

One more tip just between us professionals is that rose gold is not off the table yet. Think of rose brown more as an upgrade. Instead of a how-to video, we think you should let your mixing bowl do the talking. Intuition, creativity and a brunette canvas are all you will ever need. Don’t forget to share your creations with us. We might fall in love, but we are willing to take the risk.