Infinite creativity for foil-free application techniques
  • Creative Lightening System with Creative Lightening Powder and 3 different strenghts of Creative Developer (6%, 9%, 12%).
  • Technology with minimized swelling and creamy consistency. 
  • For precise freehand techniques.
  • No foils needed.
  • For beautiful, customized looks with natural-looking results.

For best results, use the Creative Lightening Powder exclusively with the Creative Developer

Blondes Unlimited Technology

Hair in its original state. The natural color in the hair is melanin and can be lightened in a controlled manner using our lightening products. Previously colored hair can also be lightened. 

Blondes Unlimited is applied only to the hair strands that require lightening. The creamy consistency allows for easy, precise, and accurate application, as it stays exactly where applied. 

Kaolin or porcelain clay, in the Creative Lightening Powder is activated by special ingredients in the Creative Developer. This forms a network that is flexible and sticky to minimize swelling. 

Due to the minimized swelling, only those hair strands that are in contact with the product are lightened. Neighbouring hair strands are not touched.