Hair Ornaments

Go extra, wear the sparkle!

Just a little bit before New Year’s Eve strikes and your calendar is already booming with seasonal parties. Where are we going? What to wear? But most importantly… THE HAIR! Of course, you might not be in the mood for a drastic hair change, but that does not exclude a fresh hair touch for your holiday outings. Go big or go home and be the star of the night with just the right hair ornaments. 

Although the trend has been on sleep mode for quite some time, hair ornament searches go kaboom during December. They start off with google and slowly make their way into our other beloved social platforms. The ornaments vary among classic options (golden hair ornaments) to more unique ones (Japanese accessories).
Unique hair pieces are not just a way of “saving” a look, but the means to elevate it to perfection. 

During these festive times, each and every one of your clients deserves to find the queen among them. Help them pick just what is right for them and do not be afraid to go a little over the top. If not now, when? It is finally time for the world to be filled with hair magic and out of this world hairstyles. Glam it up! What are you waiting for?