Curly Bangs

Another curl eats the bang!

We have seen it all, but what manages to amaze us each and every time, is the fact that old hair habits come back in such a fresh way that it seems so BRAND NEW! Curls are not new, the same goes for bangs, but a combo of them is what trends are made of. Curly bangs are the ultimate hair look and you would not want to be left out of the fun, would ya? (Of course, you wouldn’t).

Adding texture to your bangs is just what you need to elevate your hair play. Women have always been told that it takes so much effort to keep your bangs “flawless” every day, but with the new “keep it natural” attitude, that mindset is about to come to an end… almost. The look still demands the right cut, but trust us, the result will take your hair styling from 0 to 100 in no time. Zendaya, Rihanna, show them the way girls!


Over the last month, there has been a 25% YouTube search increase, and someone can draw inspiration from almost 1300 Instagram posts. #curlybangs also seems to have entered the radar for magazines like Elle & Marie Claire. A friendly tip for all hair magicians out there is that short cuts of the hair seem to be a client favorite. Not to mention that our Curl Definer rangewill ensure you moisturized curls with bounce, elasticity and shine. Now, how about we turn those 1300 posts into 2000? You better get started!