Sweet Nude

This look is an appealing natural composition of different medium blonde to light blonde cappuccino colors. The face is illuminated by the different blonde tones and waves which make it look even more effortless. The color result is a stylish nude dark blonde.

Step by step

Natural Depth: 6/0 Medium Blond


product formula shade mixing ratio developer
Blondoran A   1 : 1.5 6%
Permanent Color B 8/1 + 9/65
1 : 1
1:2 1.9%
Permanent Color C   1:2 1.9%
Blondoran Permanent Color Permanent Color
  8/1 + 9/65
1 : 1
mixing ratio
1 : 1.5 1:2 1:2
6% 1.9% 1.9%


Step 1

Create a zigzag section starting from the fringe to the ears on both sides.

Step 2

Take thin sections out of this triangle. Apply Formula A in foils, brush vertically for a nice blend with the natural color. Repeat until the section is completed. Repeat on the other triangles.*

*After development time shampoo the hair using Visible Repair Shampoo and Visible Repair In-Salon Treatment to complete the pre-lightening service.

Step 3

Start in the back with a wide rounded section across the nape – subsection the nape into 3 triangles and alternate Formula B and C on mid-lengths & ends. Work your way up the head.

Step 4

Move on to the sides in the same manner, still alternating Formula B and C.**

**After development time shampoo the hair using Color Radiance Shampoo and Color Radiance Post-Color Treatment to complete the color service.


Preparation for Styling:

Prepare the hair with Lift-It Root Mousse at the roots – Velvet Oil Lightweight Oil on lengths and ends. Dry the hair with the GHD round brush #4 to give volume to the roots. Finish by spraying Refresh-It Dry Shampoo at the roots for more volume.

TIP 1:

When dry use the curling iron with vertical rectangular sections, holding the straightening iron vertically and wrap the hair flat around it – do not twist.

TIP 2:

Use Velvet Oil Lightweight Oil on lengths and ends by running your hands through the hair.