Glowing Nude

This look is a very light natural sandy beige nude look with creamy looking highlights. It is nicely blending the sandy beige blonde shade with the natural highlights on top of the head.

Step by step

Natural Depth: 6/0 Medium Blond


product formula shade mixing ratio developer
Permanent Color A 9/13 1:1 9%
Permanent Color B 9/13 1:1 6%
Lightplex C   1:1.5 1.9%
Permanent Color Permanent Color Lightplex
9/13 9/13  
mixing ratio
1:1 1:1 1:1.5
9% 6% 1.9%


Step 1

Use a virgin color application and apply Formula A 2 cm away from the scalp – only on the natural hair. Keep out the ends as they were previously colored. Develop for 20 minutes. Do not rinse.

Step 2

Apply Formula B to the roots.* 

*After development time shampoo the hair using Color Radiance Shampoo and Color Radiance Post-Color Treatment to complete the color service.

Step 3

Divide 4 triangular sections on the top of the head.

Step 4

Use a Babylights highlightening technique, starting by the 2 front triangular sections for more lightness around the face. Then move on to the top back sections.**

**After development time rinse and apply LightPlex Bond Completion In-Salon Treatment. After 10 minutes development time rinse, shampoo the hair using Visible Repair Shampoo and Visible Repair In-Salon Treatment to complete the pre-lightening service.


Step 1

Section off 4 rectangular sections: one at the top back, one on the top and one on each side at the hut line. At the nape take a vertical section and comb the hair straight out of the head, cut the desired length. Continue until the front hairline on both sides.

Step 2

At the top back rectangular section, take vertical sections, straight out of the head, cut to the desired length. This section is not connected to the below section.

Step 3

At the hut line rectangular section, take the 4 cm thick section, elevate to 45 degree and cut the desired length. This section is not connected to the length below. Repeat on the other side in the same manner.

Step 4

At the top rectangular, take horizontal sections on the top of the head, elevate the hair straight out, cut from short to long towards the front. This section is not connected neither to the lengths at the back nor the sides. Texturize the haircut as desired.


Preparation for Styling:

Prepare the hair by applying Velvet Oil Lightweight Oil to the hair. Blow dry the hair using a flat brush. Finish the look by scrunching the hair with your hands while applying Protect-It Volumizing Heat Protection Spray on the dry hair.

TIP 1:

For a more natural and defined texture use your hands and scrunch the hair till you reached the preferred hair structure.