Caramel Blonde

Play with contrasts to brighten them. The hair is slightly lightened to perfectly match her skin tone and personality.

Step by step

Natural Depth: 3/0 Dark Brown


product formula shade mixing ratio developer
Light Plex A   1 : 1.5 6%
Permanent Color B 8/96 + 8/7 + 0/65
25 : 25 : 0.5
1 : 2 1,9%
Light Plex Permanent Color
  8/96 + 8/7 + 0/65
25 : 25 : 0.5
mixing ratio
1 : 1.5 1 : 2
6% 1,9%


Step 1

Take 4 rectangular sections across the top of the head and keep the front hair line.

Tip: Straighten the hair to enable a clean and precise application.

Step 2

Starting on the left side, take 0,5 cm wide sections and apply Formula A, approx. 5cm away from the roots, using a weaving technique. Keep natural hair in between. For the next section use a slicing technique and apply in the same way.

Step 3

Alternate slicing and weaving technique in all 4 rectangular sections. Always keep 0,5 cm natural hair in between each section. After the development time rinse the hair and apply on damp hair LightPlex-Bond Completion In-Salon Treatment, No2, and develop for 10 minutes.*

*After development time shampoo the hair using Visible Repair Shampoo and Visible Repair In-Salon Treatment to complete the color service.

Step 4

Apply Formula B approx. 3 cm away from the roots onto mid-lengths & ends.**

**After development time shampoo the hair using Color Radiance Shampoo and Color Radiance Post-Color Treatment to complete the color service.


Preparation for Styling:

Prepare the hair for your styling with Visible Repair Leave-In Conditioning Balm and let the hair dry naturally. Important, don’t touch or move the hair during drying to avoid frizzy hair.

Tip 1:

The best you can do for Afro-American hair types is to add as much care & shine as you can. It can never be enough! For Jaylin I used the Spark Up-Shine Spray as it doesn’t overload the hair.