The values that led us through the years into the brand, that we are today.


On December 4th, Londa is born into the Wella group – oral tradition: the name is derived from the French word l’onde, meaning die Welle in German, the wave in English.


The Londa trade name is used exclusively.

Since the 1960’s

While in Germany perceived as a home grown brand, outside Londa creates the perception of German precision and dependability.


Londa is reintegrated into the Wella group after the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Londa Professional introduces the Education program ‘Learn It, Live It, Share It’.


Londa Professional presents the creative Global Directors team.


Marked the transformative merge between Coty and P&G Specialty beauty brands; Wella is now part of the Coty family. A global leader in Beauty with 77+ brands, Coty’s purpose is to celebrate and liberate the diversity of consumers’ beauty.

Today & in the future

Londa Professional, one of the most experienced salon brands in the world, proudly supports stylists to thrive in their communities. With Londa Professional, you are in good hands.