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Micro Bangs

It’s out there: bangs are back and micro bangs are mega back.

When Rooney Mara was rocking the extremely short fringe on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo blockbuster film a couple of years ago, we thought that this was a haircut tailored to the movie character and didn’t pay much attention. Little did we know that it would be a major throwback and today’s new hair trend. So, if one of your customers asks for a Rooney-Mara look, don’t be surprised, be ready.


The fringe, classic, long, micro, side, can be seen on pretty much all kinds of hair. Depending on the texture and the length, one can adapt it on the client’s head and make it look awesome and modern. The statement fringe though, and by that we mean the ultra short bangs close to the hairline, it’s not that easy. So, unless someone walks in with a Pinterest photo and a ‘I-want-to-look-like-that’ attitude, be extra careful to who you’re going to suggest it because you may end up shooting yourself on the foot and lose trust - we don’t want that, do we?


But how do you master this dramatic look and avoid the drama?

Easily. Just explain to them in advance 2 basic factors: firstly, the result depends massively on the hair texture and density and secondly, it won’t grow out on a day. If they look for something mainstream but not too mainstream, if they flirt with a bit more edgy hairstyles and trends and if their motto is ‘no pain no game’ even when it comes to hair, go for it! She’ll be a head-turner and you’ll be her hero. Again.