Metal is so much more than just a music genre. Just like the boldness of our #2ndyou movement, metal ferociously branched into many aspects of our lifestyle. Of course, style had to be at the front. From that iconic “Born to be wild” up to today, many trends had us scream “THAT’S SO METAL!”. According to many experts 2018 demands that you show your metal side with Metallics.


So what is the deal here ladies and gents? One article after another has predicted that Metallics are here to rock our hairstyle world and outshine any possible shade competitors. Hairdressers around the world have been proudly showcasing their Metallic creations, injecting metal vibes into our social feeds. Silver, Rose and Blue seem to be just the elegant touch you might need for a cutting-edge look & attitude. Fun fact, Metallics seem to be trendy-fied mostly by customers as they have been asking for it more and more during the past few months.


2018 is considered by many the year for a bold change and Metallics seem to embody that for many customers. Taking the glory of a catwalk and bringing it into their everyday “walk that walk” is an expectation that we believe you can meet with ease and grace. Some hardcore hair shades action is about to go down and something tells us you will be at the centre of it.