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 Effortlessly elegant. Unpretentiously feminine. Seriously sexy. All describing the same look: the low-do. Hitting up the top of the trends A-list, low-dos have taken the spotlight in all shapes and forms: low buns, low knots, low ponytails, low… you-name-it! They are taking over the social media world with influencers piling up 1000s of appreciation likes and runway looks seeming more achievable than ever. Matching any occasion, low dos are a winner for the most casual outings or even the milestone-events of your life- yes we mean that “i do” moment (or moments we won’t judge.)


So, what is it about low dos that have reigned them the biggest hair style seen on the streets of London Fashion Week? It is a hit combo of finesse and practicality, elegance and sex appeal. What is more, they are so versatile that with slight adjustments here and there, they fit any face shape and any personal style! Just take a look at the latest social influencers and you will discover that the denition for “low do” is practically an indefinite number!


But the biggest asset low dos have, is that they are the perfect hair occasion to accessorize! Bring on the hats, the bows, the ornaments! Be it messy or neat and classic, the low dos are perhaps hitting their maximum love levels right now. However, it takes a skillful hand or two to satisfy that craze. So, if your next customer shows up feeling frustrated because she could not make her low ponytail to perfection, first remind her that she came to the right place, at the right time. Then, then… low-do your magic!


Last but not least, the key to a perfect Low-Do is an overpowering makeup. When it comes to that, Smokey Eyes work like a charm. Just make sure not to go just for black, as the ones going for color shades like silver & brown seem to stand out gloriously among the Smokey Eyes perfectionists!