Ice Blonde hair

Ice Blonde hair

New Year, new trends baby! Here is one for those who can’t say goodbye to their snowy desires yet. Ice blonde became an instant-fav and something tells us that some of you may have already picked up on the trend. What, no? Khloe Kardashian fans, how about you help us catch up with the latest frenzy? So, before you do anything else FREEZE… and make sure to give our newest “ice blonde” obsession a read!


Khloe scored one for her family this year, setting our trend world in motion. She is not alone though, goddess Zoe Kravitz and Cara Delevigne are totally on board the ice blonde wagon. The trend, except its aesthetic charm, it offers an intriguing practicality: Perfect harmony with the snowy weather, with potential to turn the bleach tone into whatever color you feel like, once the warmer months make their appearance. Be sure to keep an eye out also for the health of your clients’ hair, while performing the color transition. The tone is a lil bit demanding for the hair, so masks and hair treatments should definitely be a part of your services. We got your back, once again, with A+ products on that field.


Last but not least, we are halfway winter, and this is probably for many a last blonde call, before warmer tones come and dominate your palettes. With over 28k posts on Instagram, the “ice blonde” conversation seems to be on fire. Be a part of the conversation and spread your creations. Is it us or did it get too cold in here? ;)