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It is officially time to step up your game and pull the most classic hairdo yet. A classic with a twist, if we may add. From the movie industry to our lifestyle as a whole, trends from the past have resurfaced (not to haunt us) but to bring a refreshing and elegant touch to our lives. Curtain bangs are back and stronger than ever. A quick look at your Instagram feed will not prove us wrong.


Why the fuss you might wonder. What is so unique with curtain Bangs, that could cause a social media frenzy and a must hairdo for celebrities? Curtain Bangs is a style that can help you deal with a big forehead and at the same time draw the attention to your customer’s other dazzling characteristics, like their eyes. Not to mention that although the style usually matches with long wavy hairs, the result with other hair types is (hella) enchanting as well. Most European countries seem to already be on the #curtain_bangs_team, with the rest of the world hoping on the trend day by day.


Oh! Btw, here comes a major, out of the oven tip, which you did not hear from us cough. Rumour has it that Copper Lips is exactly what you need to skyrocket your Curtain Bangs look. A monochrome & metallic palette will result in a rockish kind of look. You might not be a rocker, but keep in mind that “rocking the stage” is a must all day long. Hurry up and reserve your Instagram spot among many influencers and celebs. No one will notice the difference ;) !