Caramel Hues

Caramel Hues

Winter is coming to an end and as Spring is about to take the wheel, that means two things. One, your clients need a little something to say goodbye to their good old friend and two, a way to greet their new seasonal bestie. Caramel hues are here for them to achieve both and look stunning while doing so.


Caramel Hues are ideal for those who want to go for a mild change and spice things up but still end up with a naturally flavoured look & feel. Thing is that this trend is almost ideal for any kind of skin tone and eye color. Take caramel balayage for example, a style that compliments all skin tones effortlessly. Celebrities have taken a particular interest in this trend, while others have been in the fan club for a while now. Jennifer Lopez and Chrissy Teigen have been going for honey shades both enhancing their dark hair roots and creating a smashing contrast with their chocolate skin tone.


Blondes and honey shades are considered a head turner by many mags and hair experts. There is a lot of gossip around auburn too, a style that puts blondes in the spotlight. This hybrid of blonde and auburn has been proven a real challenge to browns and reds and we can’t wait to see with which style they will eventually answer to this. So “Honey”, warm colors are here. Choose your fav and get to work!