Braids Influx

Braids Influx

A quick google search is all it takes for someone to figure out if braids is officially a hair thing. Hairstyles, like seasons, come and go, but that is not the case with braids. They have been there for a while, posing as queens of the hairstyle extravaganza scene. Clear your schedule for the next couple of days because you would literally need a lot of them if you aim to cover the prodigious variety of how-to videos that have invaded the cyber-space.


People have been declaring their love for this hairstyle on social media, but have also expressed bitterness about the fact that they cannot master this killer look on their own. This is not necessarily bad, because this is the moment for you to step in and shine. Boxer braids, French braids, Dutch braids and cornrows are just a small preview of the majestic looks that people have been yearning for!


Some Braid styles have even found a special place in the hearts of many festivals. How could we not mention the Coachella braids! Just take a moment and imagine the Lana Del Rey vibes a braid look fused with flowers and accessories would give. You can’t go for an enchanting look without breaking… some hearts in the process. @SelenaFanClub has the most retweeted braids hairstyle. It’s high time someone broke the record, don’t you think?