Lu Van Hui (Vivi) has been an academy stylist for seven years at the Ken Zhou Academy in Guangzhou, China.

From an early age, Vivi always thought about the role of hairstylists in fashion and celebrity style, which led her to chose to study Screen Image Design at college.

After graduating from Guangzhou Private Hualian College in 2007, she began training and working as a hairdresser at the Ken Zhou Academy, eventually becoming a Senior Teacher of Hairdressing there – a role she still enjoys today.

In addition to her teaching, Vivi draws on her fashion degree experience in her work styling hair for fashion shows, editorial and advertising photoshoots and stage performances.

Vivi is an expert colorist and one of her favourite parts of her work is being creative with hair coloring, and helping her students and hairdressers attending Londa Professional seminars to do the same.

United, fashionable, professional - those are the words which express what Londa means to me.


Academy Stylist from China