Tired of simple washing? Fear not because we have the next big thing! Ok, this method has been steadily rising for the past 5 years, but could you leave us have our drama moment? Jeez! And now that it is over, let’s get serious and dive deep into a method that can restore your hair to their natural glory./m/BLOG/Co_Washing/02_co_washing_overview_d.png

The selfcare movement is not something new, both among men and women. Give your shampoo a break and co-wash (conditioner washing) a try. We are taken aback by the community and the importance of peer-to-peer when it comes to this trend. People have been documenting the results of their co-wash routine and what were the results for them. This moisturizing method has even brought fallen curls back from dehydration. We would strongly advise you to give in to this trend. Not to mention that have of the looks you will probably go for, will have a natural touch. So, why not urge your customers ways to maintain that natural shine? No worries, we are here for you, bearing gifts, aka your leave-in conditioner allies.

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